International Journal
Computing, Intelligent and Communication Technology
(Published by Consilio Intelligence Research Lab)

Archives: Volume - 7, Issue - 1

# Title Author(s) File DOI
1 Cyber crime causes issues and its preventions Vivek Solanki View 0
2 IPv6: the next generation protocol and its security issues Bhawna Narwal, A K Mohapatra View 0
3 Resource management through IT Neha Sharma View 0
4 Web based management of NREGA Jagdish Pandita View 0
5 Rural development and management through IT Monika Sharma, Neha Sharma View 0
6 Studying towards the technological trends in health infomatics Kapil Kumar Joshi View 0
7 Detection of moving object using self organization approach for visual surveillance Yashpal Singh, Narendra Kumar View 0
8 Predicting earthquakes through data mining Preeti Gupta, Arun Sharma View 0
9 A survey on black hole attack on AODV routing protocol in MANET Vipin Deval View 0
10 Technologies development through IT Mahesh Kumar, Faruki Ahmed View 0