International Journal
Computing, Intelligent and Communication Technology
(Published by Consilio Intelligence Research Lab)

Archives: Volume - 6, Issue - 1

# Title Author(s) File DOI
1 Towards ERP based e-governance model Ashish Bhatnagar View 0
2 Automation system and control Neha Mittal, Surabhi Khurana, A K Mohapatra View 0
3 The autonomous agent system for intrusion detection in wireless Kalyan Khare View 0
4 Information security based on biocrypto system for enhancing authentication Sarita Tanwar, Mukesh Narayan View 0
5 A study of firewalls and need of firewalls evolution Neha Bansal, Shreya Verma View 0
6 A design approach for vehicle black box system using FPGA based LIN controller Bhawna Narwal, A K Mohapatra View 0
7 Smart health care system Priyanka Francis View 0
8 Acceptance of e-banking among adult customers Seema Chauhan View 0
9 An approach to find backlinks for focused crawler Neetika Bhandari, Upasana View 0
10 Impact of information technology on education management Rajneesh Balyan View 0
11 A new mantra for a rural development using IT Mamta Rajawat, Hemant Kumar View 0
12 Application of graph theory in state reduction in sequential circuit Nisha Rathee, Manasvi View 0
13 Securing an external SDD Isha Goel View 0
14 Distributed optimized resources to attain good software release Pooja Dehraj, Arun Sharma View 0
15 A survey on digital ways of learning Lokesh Kumar Tomar View 0
16 Study on mobile shopping behavior of consumers Sameer Chand, Jai Krishna View 0